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Aids in tweezing clearly and minutely. Provides a ribbed slip proof grip and can be stored in purse or handbag. Picture for illustration only as they come packed in plain poly bags. Color: silver and red Requires: (3) AG batteries- included Material: stainless steel and metal Case Pack 96 Please n..
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Buck that dry skin with our rich and creamy Lavender Body Lotion which is a skin nourishing powerhouse that combines pure lavender essential oil with our incredibly soothing lotion base. Lavender is extremely popular in bath and body products due to how mild it is and how wonderful the scent is at..
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Lavender Oatmeal handmade soap is a perfect blend of restful lavender and soothing oats. Great for when your skin needs a little TLC. This premium goat milk soap contains no chemicals, only pure soap as it should be. Each bar is hand cut and weighs approximately 4 ounces.  Ingredients: Olive Oil..
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Our USDA Certified Organic Lemongrass and Green Tea handmade soap is a 100% vegan and 85% organic soap that combines green tea with the essential oils of lemongrass, patchouli, rosemary, lime, sage and bergamot with annatto seed, rosemary leaf and rosemary leaf extract to create a lemon tea scented ..
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Buck that dry skin with our rich and creamy Lovespell Body Lotion which is a skin nourishing powerhouse that combines a blend of natural lovespell fragrance oil (comparable to Victoria's Secret) with our incredibly soothing lotion base. Our lotion is all natural and contains all natural preservati..
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Love Spell Bath Salts by Buck Ridge Soap Company are a natural bath salt blend featuring phthalate free Love Spell (Victoria's Secret mimic) fragrance oil which is a blend of strawberry, peach, rose and other enticing scents.8 ounce jar. Our bath salts contain no chemicals or extraneous preservati..
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Midnight Water Bath and Body Oil is perfect for those who love deep and complex scents. The scent notes include bergamot, orange, sparkling cassis, deep sea water, hyacinth, blue lilies, lemon zest, patchouli, and seaweed. You don't need very much at all to moisturize with, we recommend using it a..
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Organic Mint Chocolate handmade soap combines the natural Essential Oils of Spearmint and Peppermint with organic cocoa butter and chocolate for a blissful mint chocolate treat that will remind you of the popular ice cream. The green color is derived from all natural spirulina powder which is a type..
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Mountain man Beard Balm by Buck Ridge Soap Company is refreshing all natural outdoorsman's blend of lavender, lemongrass, palmarosa, cedar, geranium and sage essential oils for an all natural fragrance. This all natural scent combines with our premium beeswax, organic sunflower oil and shea butt..
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